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How Orthodontics Aids in a Person’s Overall Health

Everyone appreciates the importance of good oral healthcare. It helps to ensure that a person has a pleasing appearance which is crucial in promoting high self-esteem. Orthodontics mainly focuses on the treatment of different irregularities in the jaw and teeth, especially when it comes to alignment and occlusion. In most cases, it involves the use of braces.

In today’s world, orthodontic treatment is quite convenient and very affordable. This means that individuals can start going for procedures in their early childhood, all the way through retirement.

Importance of Orthodontics in Person’s Overall Health

Orthodontic procedures are not only important for correcting irregular teeth, but they also help to boost a person’s self-confidence. By aligning the teeth and improving the shape of the lips and face, orthodontic surgeons are able to uplift a persons’ general attitude towards life. Teeth and even entire facial structures can be permanently altered using orthodontic treatments. Teeth that are in the correct alignment are also much easier to clean, which makes them much more resistant to decay and far less susceptible to gum disease or tooth loss. In addition, orthodontic treatment also helps to prevent jaw and tooth discomfort that usually comes from uneven wear.

Neck pain, jaw discomfort or chronic headaches are sometimes the result of certain orthodontic problems. When such conditions are left untreated, they can cause further medical issues. In most cases, they end up costing more in terms of finances; as compared to the cost of orthodontic procedures today. By opting to wear braces, you would be taking a positive step in improving your overall health.

Most people will tell you that the most obvious reward of orthodontic treatments is teeth that are less prone to injury or decay. However, the self-confidence that comes with having a good smile is also a very important factor.

Teeth that are in malocclusion are also much harder to clean and maintain. In most cases, they lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss and tooth decay. Other health problems that may result due to poor dental healthcare include the abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, difficulty in chewing, speech problems or the undesirable wear of the temporomandibular joints. Certain malocclusions like the maxillary teeth that tend to protrude can increase the chances of fracture due to trauma.

Best Time to Begin Treatment

Due to the fact that every child is different, there is no standard answer to this particular question. According to various Orthodontic Associations, every child should go for an orthodontic check up by age 7. They can even go earlier if an orthodontic issue is detected by the parents, family dentist or the child’s physician. In most cases, early intervention can make any corrective treatment much easier and faster.

Adult Treatment

Orthodontic treatment for people who have fairly healthy teeth, supporting bone and gingiva can be successful at any age. In today’s world, most adults are opting to go for an orthodontic treatment to improve their smile, or just to maintain good oral health.


All in all, Orthodontic procedures can help to improve a person’s overall health by promoting better chewing of food, eliminating headaches caused by jaw discomfort and boosting self-esteem. All these aspects are very important when it comes to person’s ability to function properly.

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