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Is Hiring A Personal Trainer Right For Your Situation?

Have you thought about hiring a personal trainer when planning your daily exercise regimen and getting yourself motivated to make lifestyle changes? In years past, fewer people hired personal trainers because they were viewed as ‘only for the rich,’ but more and more people are finding ways to make them affordable and part of their program for exercise.

You don’t have to workout with a personal trainer every single day, but working with one a day or two a week can make a huge difference in the results you get from exercising. The very first thing that comes to mind is accountability. If you don’t think this will be on your mind, then I challenge you to hire one and see if you don’t feel more committed than you would if you were secretly controlling your exercise schedule and could choose to put it on ignore whenever possible.

Go ahead, cancel on the personal trainer, and you’ll feel like you called into work. You’ll either stick with it or give up on exercising much faster than usual. And you will definitely know that motivation is a big part of what you need to work on when it comes to exercising daily if you quit on your consultant for Port Coquitlam personal training.

Advantages of Using a Personal Trainer

There are so many advantages to using a trainer. They are going to sit down with you and build a profile, not only concerning your exercise goals but your dietary goals as well. They have all the recommendations, and they can tailor a plan to fit what you need according to a specific time frame and everything.

Many times people have exercise and dietary goals, but they don’t know how to get there. They also might not know proper forms and techniques for certain exercises. Working out without the right knowledge and form can cause injury and it can also cause you to work harder and not smarter.

For sure, exercising daily, using CBD oil and achieving those goals is going to find you working hard. But with the right education from a Port Coquitlam personal trainer, you’ll not only work smarter and do better, but you will carry all that knowledge with you throughout your life.

Personal trainers go to school in order to enter their profession, so they have quite a lot they can teach you that you can use to be a healthier and happier person. How many times have you set yourself up for success with a workout plan, only to be derailed in the end?

If you’ve done well and are continuing to do well, then maybe you don’t need a personal trainer. Of course, everyone could benefit from hiring one. If you have found difficulties sticking with exercise and getting to your goals, then it’s seriously time to consider adding a trainer to the mix.

Do You Already Belong To A Gym?

Perhaps you’re already a member of a gym in Port Coquitlam that makes these personal trainers available to clients for an extra charge. If not, that is one of the cheapest ways to hire one. Of course, you can leave out the gym membership and instead just hire a trainer to help you with fitness training. You really don’t need all that gym equipment and this way you can trade out the cost of a gym for the cost of a trainer.

Either way you want to work it is fine, but they are more affordable than ever. It’s still an extra expense, a sacrifice, but maybe that sacrifice is really important to you because you want to get healthier, lose weight and live longer. You have to decide if a personal trainer is something you want to pursue.

Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easier and Healthier

All you desire is a clean house this spring to help make your house cleaner and reduce allergies from pollen and dust, however you do not want the hassle. Your house cleaning job can be made simple if you know exactly what to do and how to do it. You do not have to endure long hours of cleaning resulting in unending backaches. Follow the quick and simple tips given below to make your spring cleaning easier and use healthier choices for cleaning products.

Clean from top to down

Cleaning from top down will help you avoid redundant tasks. For instance if you start from the bottom, the floor will definitely get dirty when you are cleaning the upper part of your home. So ideally you should scrub the walls and shelves first, let the dust fall on the dirty floor then wash it after and you will substantially reduce the dust in your home. You can do this for all the rooms in your house and even the exterior part of the house.

Remove bad odors with air fresheners or lavender

When it comes to getting rid of bad smells, air fresheners have been trusted over the years. They normally work by releasing a scent that is stronger than the unpleasant one thereby masking or completely removing the smell. Lavender on the other hand is composed of natural essential oils and scents that freshen your room faster and are better for you if you have breathing problems. If you love nature and want a healthier option then go for your own home made lavender air freshener.

Use distilled white vinegar, lemon and water to clean your kitchen

“Plain white vinegar is a multipurpose home cleaner that is much safer than the harsh cleaning products you can buy.” says Bryan Fisher, owner of Coquitlam house cleaning company Coronation Cleaning.

Rely on it to scare away ants and other insects that invade your kitchen. When removing odors from the sink and garbage disposal pour vinegar and let it stay unwashed for an hour. Lemon is also a great antioxidant that could come in handy when you clean your kitchen. Lemon effectively dissolves hard water deposited on the sink and other areas. In fact a mixture of lemon and vinegar is good enough to give your dishes a long lasting shine.

Use one part of vinegar and water to clean your windows

Now that you know the power of vinegar in house-hold cleaning, use it to wash your windows. Mix 50% of distilled vinegar with an equal amount of water. You can then use a sponge or a squeegee to wash. For a sponge, just make the window moist with the mixture then clean. If using a squeegee, first make it wet and then clean from top down. Rinse and dry immediately. Plus, you don’t have to worry about breathing in ammonia and other chemicals found in typical window cleaners.

Use a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil to clean any wood in your house

Since it is spring, you want to make everything sparkling clean and get rid of all of that dust that’s piled up, wood should not be an exception. Olive oil and lemon are both anti-oxidants. Olive oil in particular has monounsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins. Take a gallon of hot water add to 1 cup of olive oil and half a cup of lemon juice. Using a mop and the mixture clean all the wood surfaces in your house. The result will be a nice shine and scent. In fact you do not have to rinse it, just let it dry.

Clean your carpets professionally

The carpets demand thorough cleaning, because of the nature of stains they harbor along with the mold and other items trapped within them. Honestly, you have so much cleaning to do, so it would be best to get the help of a professional. Professionals have certified equipment and cleaning solutions. They also understand the power of proper vacuuming which is necessary to improve the air quality in your house. Some carpet cleaning professionals even use citrus to clean your carpets leaving your home much more healthy.


It is pretty simple and cost effective to have a clean and healthy house during spring. Most of the products used like vinegar, lemon and olive oil are cheap. In addition, they are also environmentally friendly and non–toxic to you and your family members.

How Orthodontics Aids in a Person’s Overall Health

Everyone appreciates the importance of good oral healthcare. It helps to ensure that a person has a pleasing appearance which is crucial in promoting high self-esteem. Orthodontics mainly focuses on the treatment of different irregularities in the jaw and teeth, especially when it comes to alignment and occlusion. In most cases, it involves the use of braces.

In today’s world, orthodontic treatment is quite convenient and very affordable. This means that individuals can start going for procedures in their early childhood, all the way through retirement.

Importance of Orthodontics in Person’s Overall Health

Orthodontic procedures are not only important for correcting irregular teeth, but they also help to boost a person’s self-confidence. By aligning the teeth and improving the shape of the lips and face, orthodontic surgeons are able to uplift a persons’ general attitude towards life. Teeth and even entire facial structures can be permanently altered using orthodontic treatments. Teeth that are in the correct alignment are also much easier to clean, which makes them much more resistant to decay and far less susceptible to gum disease or tooth loss. In addition, orthodontic treatment also helps to prevent jaw and tooth discomfort that usually comes from uneven wear.

Neck pain, jaw discomfort or chronic headaches are sometimes the result of certain orthodontic problems. When such conditions are left untreated, they can cause further medical issues. In most cases, they end up costing more in terms of finances; as compared to the cost of orthodontic procedures today. By opting to wear braces, you would be taking a positive step in improving your overall health.

Most people will tell you that the most obvious reward of orthodontic treatments is teeth that are less prone to injury or decay. However, the self-confidence that comes with having a good smile is also a very important factor.

Teeth that are in malocclusion are also much harder to clean and maintain. In most cases, they lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss and tooth decay. Other health problems that may result due to poor dental healthcare include the abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, difficulty in chewing, speech problems or the undesirable wear of the temporomandibular joints. Certain malocclusions like the maxillary teeth that tend to protrude can increase the chances of fracture due to trauma.

Best Time to Begin Treatment

Due to the fact that every child is different, there is no standard answer to this particular question. According to various Orthodontic Associations, every child should go for an orthodontic check up by age 7. They can even go earlier if an orthodontic issue is detected by the parents, family dentist or the child’s physician. In most cases, early intervention can make any corrective treatment much easier and faster.

Adult Treatment

Orthodontic treatment for people who have fairly healthy teeth, supporting bone and gingiva can be successful at any age. In today’s world, most adults are opting to go for an orthodontic treatment to improve their smile, or just to maintain good oral health.


All in all, Orthodontic procedures can help to improve a person’s overall health by promoting better chewing of food, eliminating headaches caused by jaw discomfort and boosting self-esteem. All these aspects are very important when it comes to person’s ability to function properly.

With thanks for information from Embrace Orthodontics

The Top 5 Myths About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has been a fundamental part of medical practice for a long time. Chiropractors work alongside medical doctors to assist patients with a wide range of illnesses. Despite the immense contribution made by chiropractors to the medical field, a lot of myths still exist about the practice. This is because most people lack a deeper understanding of chiropractic care.

While majority of people visit doctors or dentists several times in their lifetime, much fewer persons will receive chiropractic care. This has contributed to the evolution of several myths. Here is a look at the most popular.

There is no scientific evidence for its efficacy

Chiropractic care has been the subject of numerous studies to check its efficacy and value to health care. Several studies have proved the benefits of chiropractic care for a wide variety of conditions. Additionally, no evidence has been adduced to prove it is not effective.

In fact, many hospitals now have chiropractors as part of their medical teams. Chiropractic offices also have medical doctors on their staff as well. This indicates a close working relationship between the two branches of medicine.

Furthermore, chiropractic care is recognized by Medicare, Medicaid, and workers compensation programs as legitimate medical care. This would not be the case if any evidence existed that proves otherwise.

Chiropractors are not real doctors

Chiropractic care is both similar and different to medical care. Medical doctors use chemical and surgical means to treat patients. Chiropractors compliment health care through the use of adjustments, stretches, exercises, and muscle therapy. This is useful for movement restrictions or painful damage to soft tissue, which cannot be fixed by conventional medical procedures.

Chiropractors receive years of medical training amounting to about 2,890 hours of training. This is indeed longer than the 2756 hours received by medical doctors. This attests to the complexity and rigor of chiropractic training. Chiropractors undergo thorough diagnostic, physical therapy, and rehabilitation training and testing before they can be certified.

It is dangerous

Time and again, studies have shown that chiropractic care is less harmful than common habits such as washing your hair in the shower. Chiropractic care is also much safer than taking prescription drugs, which is the third leading cause of death in America. It offers a safe and effective drug free intervention for serious medical problems, which usually do not respond well to drugs or surgery.

Chiropractors additionally pay much less malpractice insurance than medical doctors. This is because very few complaints are brought against them by patients. In contrast, medical doctors face numerous wrongful death suits and malpractice cases, occasioned by the risky nature of their services.

Chiropractors only deal with back problems

While it is true that patients with spinal problems can particularly benefit from chiropractic care, many other chronic and acute problems are also targeted. They include joint and soft tissue injury and pain. Shoulder, jaw, knee, ankle, hand, and neck pain are routinely treated by chiropractors. Breech birth positioning, chronic colds and headaches are among many other conditions that can be alleviated by chiropractors.

Children do not need chiropractic care

Children undergo thousands of spine related traumas before the age of 5, according to the OSHA. This can result in long term problems throughout the life of a child. Chiropractic care is essential in ensuring children develop properly, and do not suffer negatively from these traumas.

Chiropractors are indispensable and vital members of the medical community. They have treated and rehabilitated millions of people with painful and chronic conditions. With their immense assistance, many people have overcome physical disability and chronic pain.

Thanks to Surrey BC Chiropractic Clinic Back and Body Wellness Centre for this post.