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Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easier and Healthier

All you desire is a clean house this spring to help make your house cleaner and reduce allergies from pollen and dust, however you do not want the hassle. Your house cleaning job can be made simple if you know exactly what to do and how to do it. You do not have to endure long hours of cleaning resulting in unending backaches. Follow the quick and simple tips given below to make your spring cleaning easier and use healthier choices for cleaning products.

Clean from top to down

Cleaning from top down will help you avoid redundant tasks. For instance if you start from the bottom, the floor will definitely get dirty when you are cleaning the upper part of your home. So ideally you should scrub the walls and shelves first, let the dust fall on the dirty floor then wash it after and you will substantially reduce the dust in your home. You can do this for all the rooms in your house and even the exterior part of the house.

Remove bad odors with air fresheners or lavender

When it comes to getting rid of bad smells, air fresheners have been trusted over the years. They normally work by releasing a scent that is stronger than the unpleasant one thereby masking or completely removing the smell. Lavender on the other hand is composed of natural essential oils and scents that freshen your room faster and are better for you if you have breathing problems. If you love nature and want a healthier option then go for your own home made lavender air freshener.

Use distilled white vinegar, lemon and water to clean your kitchen

“Plain white vinegar is a multipurpose home cleaner that is much safer than the harsh cleaning products you can buy.” says Bryan Fisher, owner of Coquitlam house cleaning company Coronation Cleaning.

Rely on it to scare away ants and other insects that invade your kitchen. When removing odors from the sink and garbage disposal pour vinegar and let it stay unwashed for an hour. Lemon is also a great antioxidant that could come in handy when you clean your kitchen. Lemon effectively dissolves hard water deposited on the sink and other areas. In fact a mixture of lemon and vinegar is good enough to give your dishes a long lasting shine.

Use one part of vinegar and water to clean your windows

Now that you know the power of vinegar in house-hold cleaning, use it to wash your windows. Mix 50% of distilled vinegar with an equal amount of water. You can then use a sponge or a squeegee to wash. For a sponge, just make the window moist with the mixture then clean. If using a squeegee, first make it wet and then clean from top down. Rinse and dry immediately. Plus, you don’t have to worry about breathing in ammonia and other chemicals found in typical window cleaners.

Use a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil to clean any wood in your house

Since it is spring, you want to make everything sparkling clean and get rid of all of that dust that’s piled up, wood should not be an exception. Olive oil and lemon are both anti-oxidants. Olive oil in particular has monounsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins. Take a gallon of hot water add to 1 cup of olive oil and half a cup of lemon juice. Using a mop and the mixture clean all the wood surfaces in your house. The result will be a nice shine and scent. In fact you do not have to rinse it, just let it dry.

Clean your carpets professionally

The carpets demand thorough cleaning, because of the nature of stains they harbor along with the mold and other items trapped within them. Honestly, you have so much cleaning to do, so it would be best to get the help of a professional. Professionals have certified equipment and cleaning solutions. They also understand the power of proper vacuuming which is necessary to improve the air quality in your house. Some carpet cleaning professionals even use citrus to clean your carpets leaving your home much more healthy.


It is pretty simple and cost effective to have a clean and healthy house during spring. Most of the products used like vinegar, lemon and olive oil are cheap. In addition, they are also environmentally friendly and non–toxic to you and your family members.

My Passion for Healthcare

There is no better place to see the insatiable need on health care systems than Emergency Departments. Over my time in Emergency Medication it has actually become clear that we have to revise our present technique to the delivery of health care. So we need to alter. By modification I do not suggest we have to add more pressure to those at the frontline. Rather I imply we need to work smarter instead of harder.

As it is such a genuine challenge, we will certainly then concentrate in particular at the interplay between procedure enhancement and information technology sciences.

One of the usual styles that will certainly emerge from this exploration of healthcare, is that enhancements are hard due to the complexity of the healthcare system. Because of that, you might be thinking about material on a related and beneficial structure, which assists show concepts for taking on intricacy, modification in complex systems etc. In addition, to tackle any change we check out the intricacy of organizational change and search for common patterns that arise.

Health care, as an essential body of both science and art has established over lots of centuries with a body of knowledge that has been fostered by healthcare professionals who have long played an essential leadership role in the delivery of healthcare and association with CBD oil health benefits.

While significant development in health care science has been made over the past centuries, in more recent years it has actually emerged that regardless of significant recent investment and development in health care, that lots of systems (across the western world as much as the developing world) are struggling to manage their systems under enhancing pressure.

Taking on a profession in Emergency Medicine after medical school was a simple individual option. Emergency situation Medication is at the frontline of the health care system, at the essential user interface between main and secondary care. EDs are open 24/7 and take all comers from those with significant injury to the minor injuries and lots more range between. Its a specialty that requires senior choice makers and when I took on the option, there was not then, nor exists now, sufficient experts in this essential field.

Christopher Leflore
Retired MD